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Top 5 lists of the best porn dvd sites on the net
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1. Easy Blondes
Site Review: It's the only all blonde porn dvd site we've ever recommended and it's by far the best one available online. If you enjoy blonde girls in your porn videos this is the site for you. They basically take every blonde girl porn scene from all the dvd's they have and put them on the site one by one every single day. You can download each of these dvd's and unlimited amount of times or stream them right on your PC.
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2. Brunette Blaze
Site Review: Brunette Blaze is the only all brunette porn dvd site we could find online. I'm not sure why it's the only one but, it's great nonetheless. They have some of the sexiest brunette sluts in the porn business giving blowjobs, getting fucked and in some cases even getting anally fucked. The fast download speeds make it easy for you to download a bunch of videos in one night and you'll never have to worry about missing any porn.
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3. Adult Movie Source
Site Review: The second we took the free tour of Adult Movie Source, we knew it was going to be a great site. They have a fantastic four page tour fully equipped with preview trailers from their multiple niche dvds. If you click the dvd link on the free tour you get a list of just a fraction of the dvds they have in the members area. When you're inside you can download from a bunch of different niche categories and pornstars.

4. Erotic Movie Station
Site Review: Just because the tour of Erotic Movie Station doesn't seem that good, it shouldn't change your feeling on the site. Once you're on the inside, you quickly understand why we've made this site our #4 pick. They have a list of over 3000 dvds which means at least 10,000 hardcore porn scenes. You can download each porn dvd scene in full length or in parts depending on your connection speed.
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5. Porn Movie Spot
Site Review: If you want multiple porn dvd scenes added to your computer on a daily basis then you'll love Porn Movie Spot. It was one of the only dvd sites we could find that actually added more than one scene daily. Some of their most popular categories include; anal, squirting, ebony and hardcore. All of their scenes can be streamed or downloaded in several sizes and formats. Visit the free tour for more information on this great site.

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